Access to the web

To have access to the content and the service you must be over 15 years old or have a power of attorney from your parents or your tutor. reserves the right to contact you at any time to prove that you are older than 15 years or otherwise show the consent of your parents or your tutor.

Use of the service

Access to, use of the web and its content give users the condition of accepting privacy and the terms of use, assuming that the content has been read and accepted.
The games and services are constantly being updated, enlarged and changed. You have the right to use the game in the current version without Panaworld being able to guarantee its content for the future. Panaworld S.L cannot always guarantee the functioning of the service, especially if it does not affect Panaworld, for example failure of the browser, no internet connection or other errors reserves the right to delete comments that are outside of the norm.

Rules and responsibilities of users

It is forbidden to publish or distribute personal contacts of the information given by telephone numbers, postcodes, email addresses, web pages or full names.
It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the security of the password, if someone guesses your password or receives it, it is your responsibility, unless your password has been assigned a security, you can get it again, otherwise you cannot received again. will never ask for your password by phone, email or in any other way. It is never necessary for you to give us your password. It is forbidden to be disrespectful to other users, such as threats or direct abuse.
It is forbidden to obtain the password of other users, be it through fraud or hacking. It is forbidden to exploit a bug on the site, the first thing you should do if you notice it is to report it to us at
It is forbidden to advertise in the comments of the games, profile signatures or other text entries, it is also forbidden to make SPAM. You cannot make an authorized use or fraud and / or its content, such as setting traps to exploit a vulnerability. You may not try to enter, use and / or manipulate the data of the owner of the property.